How do I contact someone for the first time?

It’s not always easy to know how to take the first step. Once you’ve checked out one of our singles at Firstdate, it’s time to get in touch. But it’s not always easy to know how.

Once you’ve decided to write to a single for the first time, refer to what caught your eye from their profile. Maybe you’ve recognized the background of one of their pictures? Is there a special interest that the person wrote about that you could ask about? Firstdate can also boast of being the only dating site where you can send out a personalized Lovemail to several singles in one go. We call this Lovemail Deluxe and it’s a great way to find a date.

When writing a message, end with a question that shows you’ve read their profile. Otherwise you can appear arrogant if you ask about something they’ve already written about. If you have a follow-up question, things immediately become more personal and interesting.

Use Firstdate’s great features

If you’re hesitant or shy about writing a message, you can mark the person as “Hot”, for example.  Once you’ve mastered all of Firstdate’s functions, you’ll be able to vary your approach when contacting and having fun with other singles.

The most important thing is remembering to complete your profile text. This makes your profile stand out as more interesting.

We’ve compiled some of the best tips on how to go about contacting a person you’re interested in and finding out more about them.