I want to seem interested, not tedious

When you’ve found someone interesting who you want to contact, it can be difficult to know the best way of showing you’re interested without seeming tedious. 

What’s the limit before you come across as too full-on?

You’ve had your eye on a nice single on Firstdate and are dying to start chatting with them. We’re all different and we all have different ways of getting to know people. Once you’ve established contact, it’s important to be aware of how the person you’re chatting with is behaving. So what’s the limit before you come across as too full-on? Obviously this depends on who you are and what you like, but some general advice would be not to send too many messages in quick succession. Try to gauge the mood of the person you’re chatting with. Have you written to someone you’re interested in? If they don’t reply straightaway, wait and follow up with another message in a few days. If the person doesn’t feel like chatting, accept their choice and don’t be upset.

Choose from thousands of singles

Firstdate has hundreds of thousands of members, most of whom are single. Don’t worry if a person doesn’t answer or isn’t interested – there are plenty of other singles to choose from. It’s good to bear in mind that the person you’re looking for should be equally interested in you.

It’s nice to follow up a successful date with a text message. If you get a response straight away, then it’s fine to continue replying. Otherwise it’s best to wait until the day after before following up with a text or call.

Some people often wait three days before getting in touch, but in today’s society where everything happens very quickly, a lot of people might think this is a long time. This is why online dating is great for quick communication.
Playing games isn’t usually a winning formula. If you like a person, say so.

Rejection hurts, but you win in the long run by being brave and honest.